Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada

Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada in Carson City Nevada, is one of the tremendous natural museums you will ever find in any part of this state. Prolonged standing, a festive museum offers a wide variety of educational exhibits for children & special occasions. The Museum has an interactive science area featuring “Mind’s Eye” video clips where you can watch moving images on a theater or computer screen. This is just one of the various educational programs you will see there. If you have never been to a children’s Museum, then you are in for a real treat.

The other thing I love about the Children’s Museum of Nevada in Carson City is an outdoor nursery where you can go and get your sun and have fun. It is a bit like daycare for the little ones. And if you take a little girl to the Museum with her friends from school, it is even better because you can play together and spend quality time.

While at the Museum, you should not forget to check out their “Highlands” exhibit, featuring local animals and wildlife. In addition to all the shows, you can also do some shopping. There are so many things for children of all ages to enjoy at this facility. Even a child who doesn’t like shopping can have a good time here.
Another great feature about the children’s Museum in Carson City, Nevada, is its interactive zone. If you bring your children here for a vacation, you’ll be glad you did. Because here, you can let your kids explore a wide selection of interactive exhibits like their “Anthrospheres – Bug Zoo,” “Glow Eyes,” “Tinkerbell And Friends,” “Mummies – The Best Friends of a mummy” exhibit, interactive exhibits like the “Virtual Reality Sculptures” and much more. You can also go bowling at the bowling alley or participate in the kids’ ultimate sport, “Tic Tac Toe.” These are just a few fun things to do in this exciting new children’s Museum.

Finally, if you want to share the joys of Nevada History with your little ones, visit the Children’s Museum of Nevada. It is right in Carson City and features an authentic interpretation of American history for kids of all ages. One of the reasons this Museum is so famous is because they bring in different cultures from around the world to interpret particular historical documents on each of the showcased exhibits.

Other attractions include the Silverado Springs Snow Park and the Eloise Creek Wetland Center. The children’s Museum in Nevada is sure to please any visitor. It is a perfect place for the whole family. There is so much to see and do at this great facility that there will surely be no shortage of things to keep the children busy and the parents happy.

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