Lennar at Kiley Ranch

About Lennar in Kiley Ranch in Sparks in Nevada. “Lennar has been building high-quality, affordable homes for more than 35 years. Our award-winning home designs showcase our continuing commitment to excellence in homebuilding by showing our customers significant new home building and a commitment to excellence in homebuilding. Every new house for sale includes a selection of standard amenities and custom options available only from us. The pricing of our homes, standard features, and general location are subject to revision without prior notice. Read on for more information, disclaimers, and specifications relating to your new home.

“The Kiley Ranch houses are a great choice for people who want a quiet, peaceful place to raise a family or to get away from it all. There is nothing quite like Kiley Ranch to stimulate your creative juices and provide you with a comfortable place to unwind after a hard day on the job. Kiley’s breathtaking views and convenient location make it a great place to buy or sell a home. You’ll love the wide variety of homes available and will feel right at home.”
“This is a gorgeous location in beautiful Nevada. The perfect climate keeps homeowners active year-round, and there are so many different things to do in Kiley. The beautiful hills and mountains are a joy to behold, and the residents are warm and welcoming.” – John Lasko, Kiley Ranch homeowner.

“You can’t beat the views and the lifestyle in this wonderful area. The people are friendly and helpful, and the real estate is affordable. It’s convenient to everything and close to everything. The town is small, but that makes it even better. People are elegant, and rarely do they complain about being in a small town. The place is about an hour and forty minutes from Las Vegas and is a short drive to Elko, ski resorts, Las Vegas, and everywhere else you might need to go for business or pleasure.”

“There are beautiful houses to be had in this community. There are plenty of homes to choose between, and prices range from a few thousand dollars to more than six or seven thousand. You have plenty of choices if you’re looking for a house or condo. The convenience of shopping and the proximity to entertainment make this place one that will not disappoint you for a long time to come.”

When you consider purchasing a home in Nevada, it is a good idea to take advantage of the real estate opportunities available at Lennar in Kiley Ranch in Sparks. Many new and old homes are available, and larger houses have been on the market for some time. Many of the places are two or three stories, and the newer ones are built to be energy efficient and keep the neighbors happy. The larger houses sometimes have separate entrances and may include a patio, although these houses tend to be more extensive and more expensive. When you purchase a home in this part of Nevada, you can feel comfortable that you are helping the state preserve resources while allowing people the opportunity to live healthy lifestyles.

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