About Saddlehorn in Reno Nevada. What started as a small roadside attraction for horseback riders in the 1980s has blossomed into a multi-faceted, year-round destination with shops, art studios, and, of course, stables with an indoor riding arena. The horses of the “Bible Boys” of California and the “Cubby Bears” of Nevada are all showcased in a state park setting that provides entertainment and education to riders of all ages. The unique traveling circus atmosphere is something you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The “Bible Boys” began appearing in Las Vegas in the late 1960s, traveling from show to show in a van known affectionately as the “Bible Bandits.” This band consisted of a dozen or more men who formed their traveling circus act out of their vehicle and roadshow style roping performance around the state. The original plan was to travel cross-country, but since horses cannot travel that far in a day, they eventually settled on building a compound right on the Strip. Over the years, the group has added many members who have taken on the unique traveling show known simply as Saddlehorn.

The original plans included only fifteen horse riders, but it has grown to over one hundred over the years. The latest addition is Candy Saddlehorn, who joined the family in 2021 and immediately made a name for herself by quickly and easily becoming one of the best-known horsewomen in the country. She is known for her high-quality artistry as well as her friendly disposition.

This family-owned and operated Saddlehorn on the Strip for more than ten years before its retirement. In that time, the venue booked hundreds of shows and performed at many of them. While there have been disagreements about how long the forum will remain, the current owners want to keep it going as long as possible. The venue can still accommodate large shows, but the main attraction of the Horse Country Casino and Showgrounds is expected to be the annual Royal Wedding Show. There is also another planned horseracing event coming to the venue in the spring.

If you enjoy watching rodeos and see horses being pulled by drawn cars in the arena, this is a place you should look. There are two main stages with plenty of space to move around and see what is happening. One of the main attractions is the Hall of Fame which includes many names that are well known in the rodeo world. There are also various special events scheduled throughout the year, including gun barrel racing competitions. A kids’ funfair, a Grand Canyon roller coaster, a firewall, and the popular annual BeeGees Kids Fun Fest.

The Circus Ring Road Show is a traveling show that features top professional magicians from around the world. It’s been running for over twenty-five years and has featured some of the best magicians in the business. You don’t have to do the actual traveling to attend this great circus, but it is highly recommended that you do. This is a fantastic traveling show that is sure to please.

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