The Rock Park

In Sparks, Nevada -by Debra Stafford-Parsons, a young couple lives in a small town with a beautiful park hidden in the mountains. Everything is perfect except for one thing. The rocks in the park are missing a tiny patch of green grass. The townspeople are frantic about the loss of their playground and decide to organize a party to celebrate the upset. The party is a success, but the happiness is fleeting.

At dinner, Cassie’s father, Mike, gets up and goes to the house to fix something. He goes into the park alone and finds a mysterious spark plug, which ignites. Cassie’s father is thrown through the air as the spark plug sends out an electric charge. Cassie, her mother, and her best friend Jane are knocked unconscious and are trapped inside the house. When they come running out, they discover that Mike has lost his legs. The three girls rush him to the hospital, but he dies on the way.

The novel leaves you wanting more about the mystery of ‘The Rock.’ this is a fast-moving, suspense story about a teenage girl’s quest to find out what happened to her father, as well as about her relationship with her step-sister, who also suspects something fishy is going on. This is a novel that’s well-paced and contains very realistic plot twists. Debra Stafford-Parsons manages to keep the reader’s attention because she keeps her story very engaging and exciting. The romance in the novel adds to the overall appeal of the book.

Even though it wasn’t one of my favorite books, I enjoyed this novel, but it did bring some life to the storyline. It is a fast-moving story that I thoroughly enjoyed. There were several different elements to the level that kept me turning the page. Throughout the novel, you are continually caught up in the excitement and wonder of how Bridget’s father’s body was found – how it was discovered in the moat and how her murder came to light so soon after she disappeared.

In addition, this book also tells us about the perils of teenage pregnancy and deals with peer pressure, sexual activity, substance abuse, pregnancy, and abuse in general. These events are vividly depicted through the words of the characters in the novel. The author covers all the bases in this novel. She puts the reader into the shoes of the main characters as they experience these various events. While the characters in the book act in real-life situations, the author also includes fantasy and alternate world elements for the readers to enjoy.

The Rock Park in Sparks Nevada by Debra Stafford-Parsons is a fun book with many engaging characters and a storyline. Readers will enjoy this humorous novel about the search for a lost girl. This is an entertaining book that will make you laugh and think. The story ‘Rock Park in Sparks NV’ by Debra Stafford-Parsons is available at an online bookstore.

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