Mold Testing South Lake Tahoe NV

In the modern world today, we are finding that many homes, offices, shops, and factories in the world are discovering mold in any surface. Due to the changing of temperatures and climate change that may affect as factor to the high and exponential growth of molds in moisture rich areas. 

In Reno Nevada we are the leading commercial and residential mold testing service. With years of experience in the field, we helped pioneer today’s mold industry by developing innovative tools for precise data interpretation.

Our mold testing includes legally defensible data with consistent turnaround times. You will also enjoy superior client service supporting you in your work. That is why environmental consultants and professionals have trusted us for quality mold analysis for years. If you are looking for a mold testing service company you can trust, choose us in Reno Nevada for quality analysis, superior customer service, and consistent reliability.

Why mold test?

Visual confirmation of mold is not enough to determine whether or not you need mold removal. Because mold is more than just the surface it needs to be tested to fully emphasize the extent and growth of the affected area. Cleaning mold and mold remediation is impossible unless you have scientific reports about the kind of the mold present on your property.

Accurate Mold Tests

Our company tests the samples through an independent lab so you can always trust our results. A reliable technician will visit your property to conduct a visual inspection and collect samples. We can return test results within a week. Our focus is on customer service, so we aim to make these tests as accessible as possible. Each mold test comes with official results from our partnered lab, and official reports are available to customers in the Philippines as well.

Mold Testing Services

Visual inspection of the structure 

We inspect attics, foundation crawlspaces and all interior spaces for moisture and mold problems. We also perform an exterior inspection to identify issues that could lead to interior mold growth.

Moisture Survey

We perform a thermal scan and moisture survey on the home using an infrared camera and moisture meter to detect moisture issues that may be occurring in wall cavities around windows, doors, exterior walls and water appliances.  

Samples sent overnight to our preferred and accredited laboratory

The laboratory we use holds the professional accreditation and is certified by the industrial hygiene standards. The accumulated mold test will be transported and analyzed fully through our partner laboratories to identify the type of mold, its nature and how to stop the propagation.

Lab report 

After the samples are analyzed, a lab report identifying mold species and levels is furnished to the client. The report contains inspection results, analysis of Lab report and any recommendations regarding mold remediation.

Post-remediation clearance testing

The post remediation testing includes inspection of remediated areas and air sampling to confirm a successful cleanup.  Surface samples are taken for follow up  and is recommended to further confirm the cleanup and range of mold free area.

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