When you look into the options for a place to live, you may wonder about all the attractions that make up Downtown Reno, Nevada. The choices are endless as there are many great places to live in the heart of Reno. This city was named the number one best U.S. city to live in by the American Community Survey and has plenty to offer everyone. It is home to large multinational companies, entertainment venues, shopping, sporting arenas, parks, history, art, culture, and parks.

For renters, you have plenty of housing options to choose from. You can find some of the best deals around. Two main areas are popular with tourists. They are the Main Street and the Broadway area. Living in both of these areas gives you easy access to many of the fun and recreational aspects of downtown.

The downtown area is divided into three major sections, which are business, entertainment, and residential. The site has plenty of different housing options for you to consider. It also includes modern apartment buildings with high ceilings, beautiful architecture, and open floor plans. Many of these apartments feature cable television and other high-speed internet services. There are also lofts available for people who prefer a more residential feel. They include studios, one and two bedrooms, and different, more petite sizes.

There are also new high-rise condos that have been built in this area. These are very elegant and provide an excellent view of the city. They are often made on the edge of the river or near the river. There are also units available that are perfect for people who do not want to be limited by their space. Some of the new high-rise units have beautiful mountains, and the city lights up like a festival every night.

There are also plenty of schools in the area. The public school district is located downtown, while the private schools are located a short distance from downtown. All of them offer excellent educations for your children. The University of Nevada – Reno, UNLV – Reno, Saint Vincent, Grenadines, Cedar Valley College, and Golden Mesa College are all. There are many private colleges as well that offer quality educations for adults.

If you are looking for a new home in a safe community in the city of Reno, you should consider the available homes for rent in this great area. The area offers a good living and provides easy access to shopping and other entertainment destinations. You will be surrounded by beautiful scenery and great neighbors.

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