Kit Carson Trail

About Kit Carson Trail in City of Carson, Nevada – This trekking trail is located near the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The course goes all the way to the Silverado Trail and provides panoramic views of the surrounding area, including Mt. Soledad. There are restrooms, water storage, RV hookups, and parking for about ten to fifteen hikers at any given time.

The best way to get about on this trail is by using a rental car. Hikers should plan on spending about three to five days hiking this route. An excellent way to plan your hiking trip is to visit a local outdoor shop to find out about the trails you are planning to walk and the available facilities. Then, go online to purchase the equipment that you will need.

You can begin your trek at the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Hikers should go to the south rim of the lake and make their way to the top. To the north lies the ponderosa pines with cacti on the bluffs above. To the southwest are spectacular junipers and brushlands. Hiking this route is an ideal way to view spectacular wildlife such as deer, spotted deer, mountain goats, and elk.

After reaching the top, turn left and go down to the creek. On this trail, you will encounter a sign for the Carson City-North Wash Trail. Follow this trail as it meanders along the waterway towards a small lake surrounded by pine trees. At the end of this trail, the path makes an ascent towards a viewpoint of Mt. Soledad.

From here, you will want to proceed to the Soledad Dam. Walk to the left of this structure and look down on the waters of Soledad Lake. Continue on this trail as it goes towards another set of the flood plain. Here you will cross a rock bridge that crosses the Bitterroots River. This bridge’s left is the kiosk for the Mountain Arts Camp that has a picnic area, fire ring, and a playground. The last 2 miles of the hike have rock gardens and a shady picnic area.

Follow this trail as it goes through a wooden bridge, then another set of steps going to the second set of steps leading to a gravel foundation for a slab of rock. At the end of this trail, you will cross a large dirt road. At the end of this path, turn left and down to a sidewalk where a Bureau of Land Management vehicle is parked. To get a permit to enter the National Park, you will need a valid photo ID. To get a map of the area, you can visit the National Parks Service office in Carson City.

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