Reno Air Racing Association

When the weather in Nevada is warm enough to take pleasure in some outdoor activities, such as horseback riding or fly fishing, the racing enthusiasts head for the City of Reno. Here one can find a variety of options that will please both the young and old. If you are an enthusiastic enthusiast of this sport, Reno is the perfect place for you to check out the various events and races. There is about Reno Air Racing Association to look out for.

This club was formed in the early 1960s when individuals met at Silverton, Nevada, to enjoy this exciting sport. Over the years, their number has swelled to about ten thousand members. The club arranges different competitions for all kinds of individuals, with every conceivable interest and skill set. They hold national and regional meets for not just amateurs but also professionals. In addition, they organize several entertaining horses shows for the people who like to watch this sport.

A great place to visit is the Reno Airport. Here one can see the preparations for the major competitions. One can also be able to watch the actual race take place from indoors in the stadium. It has been held here since the mid-1960s. The indoor arena features carpeting, plush seats, plush lighting, and even music for your listening pleasure.

The history of the Reno Air Racing Association goes back to the early twentieth century. The first event was held here with a small crowd of about fifty people. It was an equestrian competition. However, it did not last long. Soon after, there were over a hundred events held here. All of them were involved in this thrilling sport, and the members came up with forming a racing club.

One of the places where you can learn a lot about Reno is from its public library. One can find many books about this fascinating sport, and there are even several rare books on hand. Another good place to visit is the local library as they have many reference books on writing.

If you are looking for a good place for speed checks, Reno is the place. The airspeed arena is open for the public daily. You can take advantage of their inexpensive sports tickets before attending the races. Also, look for discount tickets by entering your contact information on their website. You might just be surprised at how cheap they are.

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