Revision Brewing Company

About Revision Brewing Company in City of Sparks, Nevada,” says the company website. “The goal of this family-owned brewpub & brewpub is to create great tasting, award-winning brews. Our brewmasters strive to produce each batch to meet or exceed the standards of the best beer brewers in the nation. Each concoction is paired with the finest food, wine, and ingredients to ensure a perfect match for both taste and quality. We strive to bring the best-tasting beers and other fine liquors to the people of the Silverton and Mesquite areas. Our passion for our home-brewed ales & beers has grown over the years. To continue to provide patrons with new ales & beers, we have entered into a licensing agreement with NV Microbrewery, which allows us to share one another’s passion for beverages that is both local and imported.”
” Jeremy Warren and I started brewing in 1999 with a vision to produce our beer in the style of vintage German beers that our grandfather enjoyed as a boy. Over the years, we have learned a great deal about the process from our mentors and many others in the beer world. We pride ourselves on our ability to master the art of brewing,” continued Warren. “We also wanted to produce an everyday low-alcohol offering for our customers. Our goal is to make great tasting beer that also goes well as a great source of table fare and desserts at our restaurant and tap taproom.”

We feel that with the passion and commitment to providing excellent, delicious ales and beers, which have received acclaim from professional beer critics and fellow enthusiasts, we are in a position to develop our beers to the point that we can confidently call ourselves a great brewer,” said Warren. ” Jeremy and I will be concentrating on producing and marketing premium ales for the foreseeable future while concurrently developing our taproom and restaurant business.” As stated before, the company is currently focused on creating high-quality, low-alcohol brews for both distribution and the restaurant. The company has also trademarked the use of a German yeast strain known as WLP-001. However, no release dates have been given as of yet for either product.
The company plans to utilize a traditional German process of fermentation known as ringing and the use of conventional German ingredients such as hops and yeast. The goal is to produce high-quality, low-alcohol beers offered for sale in the marketplace through local distributors. The company also plans to utilize a traditional German method of bottling called bottling instead of kegging.

Two of the beers distributed in Sparks include Session Nitro Milk stout and Sunshine Day Lager. Both beers were created to feature the same base recipe but were released at different times based on the amount of cold bottling required. Each was conditioned with California oak chips, American hops, flaked barley, and low sodium yeast. The brews were blended at low temperatures in the traditional manner using two gallons of water per batch. No priming or boiling was used to preserve the beers.

The brewmaster for Revision Brewing Company in Sparks, Nevada, is Darell Mckissick. Mr. Mckissick has been an award-winning brewmaster since 1992. He has been a professional brewer for more than 25 years and currently serves as brewmaster for Revolution Craft Brews in Denver, CO. Before working with Revision, he was the brewmaster for Wicked Ales Beer Co. in Las Vegas, NV. He also served as the brewmaster for Golden Road Brewing Co. in Los Angeles, CA.

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