Truckee River Walk

The most popular walking tour in the hills of Nevada, the Truckee River Walks, follows the Truckee River from its confluence with Lake Tahoe, up to Bridalveil Lagoon, and then meanders down to the ghost town of Truckee. This walking tour gives a personal account of the history of the Truckee River and surrounding areas. You’ll see the original brick buildings and shops along the river’s route, hear from local historians, and get to enjoy some spectacular views of the area.

A guided tour of this entire trek is available to visitors who book online.
Because this trek requires crossing several miles of the Truckee River, it makes sense that the fee for the trail is higher than other excursions. To pay for this trail’s maintenance, the city of Reno, NV requires that you have a signed permit from the local trailhead before going on-site. This also applies to individuals renting equipment or cars for their excursion; failure to obtain permission beforehand may immediately cancel.

The walking routes around the lake include one called the Original Express Lift Bridge. The first part of the hike leads you through a grassy meadow, where you’ll experience the first view of Lake Tahoe. After you pass through a small wooden bridge, turn left and enter an observation platform where you’ll have a great idea of the surrounding trees. The platform continues to climb until you reach a wooden bridge across the Truckee River from the parking lot. The trail then turns right and leads you through a tunnel to see a bench in the woods. The trail continues and comes out of a wooden bridge.

The second segment of the walking tour takes you on a boat ride across the Bitterroots. The path starts by turning left and following the shoreline as it curves around the lake. Move toward the coastline and cross a small bridge and cross another set of stairs. The path then does a challenging climb towards a set of steps where you’ll find a bench at the base of the stairs. The trail continues onto an open field where you will cross a picnic table and a concession stand where you can pay your respects to the Truckee.

After passing through the picnic area, make your way back to the riverbank, where you’ll find more set of steps leading to a tributary of the Truckee. At the end of the path, you’ll see two benches on the left and right sides of the riverbank. Go down to the water and stand on a rock shelf where you’ll find the remains of a railroad trestle. From here, cross the wooden bridge and continue to the right. You’ll soon see a set of stairs leading to the riverbank, where the path turns right and goes back into the woods.

There is also a parking lot where you can pay for your exploration of Truckee River Walk REO NV. Be sure to wear your harness if you don’t want to take the stairs back to the parking lot. It also helps to know that the trail also offers a map to find your way around. This trail also includes a restroom that allows you to go into the forest if you’d prefer not to use the course.

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