Mold Inspection Genoa NV

If you’re buying a new home and want to inspect your current property, inspect and look for mold in your area. It is better safe than worry later to do mold inspection in your property ahead of time. Our company provide mold test that will determine the presence of mold in every nook and cranny of your home and business. Because mold consists of spores that travel through the air, it can spread quickly. Get ahead of the game and locate the moisture rich and water excessive areas to avoid molds faster.

Inspect and Remove effectively

If your space starts smelling musty it is important to check your property for mold. If you believe you have a mold problem in your commercial or residential property, call our highly-trained specialists today for the best mold inspection. We conduct comprehensive mold testing to locate the exact location of the fungal colonies and the cause of its growth. Additionally, we create customized solutions to address the issue.

We can offer a wide variety of sampling services that are analyzed by professional and impartial labs.  We can perform these testing services in conjunction with a mold inspection, as a final clearance test or remediation verification, or to provide documentation needed for legal of insurance issues.

Test we use

Our Reno Nevada mold inspection customers can always expect a thorough and honest evaluation of potential indoor air quality issues, without any fear of molds.

Air Samples 

Because mold spores travel through the air, one common testing method we use is the spore trap. Our specialists send the samples to a laboratory, where they monitor the mold growth and identify the type.

Surface Samples 

With surface samples, we skim the surface of the supposed mold area and send in the samples to the lab. Experts analyze the samples to send conclusive reports.

Direct tape-lift or bulk sampling

Our inspectors will work to evaluate and visually inspect the affected area, sample and test for airborne mold spore levels and confirm or rule out fungal growth, as well as identify the source of problem and provide protocol for procedures to clear and restore the affected areas. 

Our Mold Inspection

Inspections should not be limited to simple visual look and air sampling, but should focus on building science and identifying the underlying causes.  We do rigorous mold inspection before and after every service to ensure a safe and mold free space.

The real value in the service is a detailed and through investigation to determine the exact cause and scope of the issues.  We highly recommend having your inspection performed by our qualified contractors with main concern to identifying the issues and creating a plan for cleanup. 

Not only that we provide quality and detailed mold inspection, we also provide free inspections in every first time customers in Reno Nevada. Our services are highly trusted and used by the local because from their first try of service, we give them the best. Have your mold inspection by us today!

About Genoa Nevada

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