How can I get a free mold inspection?

Mold Inspection is not expensive in most cases. However, it is good to know that some companies will offer free inspections. offers their Mold Inspection service for homes and businesses at no charge if we determine the source of the problem and provide a solution at no cost to the customer (must be within our service area).

This allows you and us as a homeowner, tenant, or business owner peace of mind knowing what you are dealing with because you can put up any monetary barriers to treatment! Why does a mold inspection cost money, then?

Well, first off, there is no such thing as an “average” case of mold (it’s all dependent upon many factors). So every job requires a thorough, detailed investigation. Secondly, mold remediation can be expensive (and often involves multiple invoices). So even if your inspection were free (which it isn’t), companies would still need to charge you for their time.

Prevention is better than cure! It’s also cheaper in the long run, where the number one reason that homeowners lose their homes is financing medical care for illnesses related to exposure to hazardous mold. So knowing what you are dealing with early on saves you money and headaches, no matter how big or small the problem may seem at first glance. Think about it like this:

A company’s credibility is everything in this line of work, probably even more so than most other professions. If I were looking for someone who could fix my car and knew nothing about cars, some guy pulled up in an expensive-looking vehicle and told me he was a mechanic. I would be inclined to trust him more than the guy driving up on a bicycle with no tools who claimed to be one, too, even though they’re both technically “mechanics.”

Why would you choose them if they can’t give you competitive rates? (almost like shopping for mechanics). Plus, if my engine blew up after they worked on my car but before I paid them, guess who I’m going to sue… Not saying it will happen, BUT it could happen based on how they conduct their business.

Please keep in mind to do your homework before hiring a Mold Remediator. Here’s an example of what you should be looking for to give you peace of mind that you’ll know if they’re trying to take advantage of your lack of knowledge or not:

Here is also an article on finding mold inspectors and remediation companies: How To: Find A Mold Inspector and Mold Remediation Company.

Remember… Prevention is better than cure! The internet is forever, so be careful what information you post about yourself, your family, and where you live. We at Magnolia Cleaning Service specialize in helping people get their lives back since we understand the horrible impact that water damage and toxic mold can have on families.